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World Center for Environmental Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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World Center for Environmental Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship is a smart green platform (a start-up company in the field of green entrepreneurship) aiming at achieving the sustainable development agenda 2030 and the 17 global goals.
Green Entrepreneurship places countries on the path towards the fourth industrial revolution. Environmental innovation and creation are the powerful engines behind digital economies, in addition to becoming the enhancing factor of sustainable development in order to achieve green growth.
The World Center for Environmental Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship aims to provide innovative ideas concerning environmental, energy, food, health, water, and sanitation issues through turning challenges into cyclic economic opportunities contributing to the decrease of carbon print.
The center is to become a pioneer in the field of environmental sustainability by means of a strategic plan including programs, projects, initiatives, workshops, and training courses contributing to the sustainability of natural resources, water, enhancing food security, increasing biosecurity rates, clean ecofriendly technological dependence and supporting environmental security to face climate challenges through halting climate change effects and reinforcing adaptation measures.
The center’s plan also contributes to providing an integrated informative platform through partnerships with the global, regional, and Arab organizations, the private sector, research entities, and other organizations to discuss and form the main future movements in the sector of the environment and its main issues. Moreover, this includes organizing environmental events and conferences.

- Set environmental plans and initiatives aiming at contributing to the sustainability of water, enhancing food security, raising biological security rate, and supporting environmental security to face climate challenges through halting climate change effects and reinforcing adaptation measures.
- Enhancing air quality and underground water in addition to protecting biodiversity in the desert and marine ecosystems.
-Supporting partnerships with global, regional, and Arab organizations to activate the role of the World Center for Environmental Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in achieving the sustainable development goals 2030 and decreasing the environmental print.
-Founding scientific and technical references in the field of integrated environmental management and sustainable green growth to establish the environmental sustainability concept within community sectors.
-Raising environmental awareness along with encouraging Arab media, different educational institutes, and research centers to multiply their efforts to protect the environment. This is achievable through their own programs and through focusing on the direct relationship between environmental education and sustainable development goals 2030.
-Providing consultation services, information, technical assistance in the integrated environmental management field and the transformation of cities into smart green sustainable ones.

The center is to become a pioneer in the field of environmental sustainability through establishing interactive partnerships and enhancing the environmental management methodology; hence, contributing in preserving the ecosystem, achieving sustainable development and protecting the environment and its sustainable resources.

The center aims at innovating and excelling at formulating environmental systemic plans, based on applicable specialized research programs. This enables the center to contribute in preserving natural resources, biodiversity and humans surrounding environment. Moreover, the center is to participate in raising environmental awareness and achieving harmony between development and environmental protection

1- Organizing exhibitions, conferences and workshops in the environment field

2- Environmental studies

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Risk Assessment (RA)

Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)

Conducting health audits and verifying safety and environmental audit.

Providing rehabilitation and training services to build the capacities of the human cadres in environmental management.

Developing environmental solutions including clean energy innovative solutions and encouraging investment within the energy, water and environmental sectors.


3- Projects:

-Biofuel and food security project.

-Coastal development integrated management

-Biodiversity components monitoring and control project in various environments outside protectorates.

-Pollutants in marine environments monitoring project.

-Comprehensive data base for waste management project.

-Organic waste (Stable and non-stable) monitoring project.

-Environmental geographic data base project.

4- Programs:

-Environmental awareness and rehabilitation programs.

-“How to be more sustainable?” program.

-Eco-friendly pesticide production integrated management program.

-Agriculture sustainability and food security programs.

-Environmentally sustainable agricultural and industrial project development program.

-Environmental innovation and creation program.

-Smart green start-ups digital transformation program.

-Green business development program.

-Circular project women empowerment programs.

-Youth entrepreneurship for sustainable development support program.

5- Training courses:

-Modern trends capacity building for green entrepreneurship course.

-Environmental challenges and green jobs course.

-Green products and services course.

-Green entrepreneurs support course.

-Environmental responsibility for a sustainable future course.


-Challenges and opportunities of transforming to green economy.

-Global best practices in decreasing carbon production.

-Carbon print decrease strategies.

-How to contribute to the United Nations sustainable developmental goals 2030?

-Sustainable entrepreneurship within a sustainable economy.

-Rural development and climate sustainable agriculture (Smart agriculture).

7- Initiatives:

-Green factories initiative.

-Green worker initiative.

-Green schools initiative.

-Green student initiative.

-Green hospital initiative.

-Green banks initiative.

-Green university initiative.

-Green mosques initiative.

-Green clubs initiative.

-Green markets initiative.

-Green communications initiative.

-Green tourism initiative.

8- Waste management:

-Providing integrated and innovative solutions for waste management including recycling and reusing waste.

-Waste decrease schemes.

9- Green technology business incubators establishment and entrepreneurship support.

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