Conference Themes

  • (Urban and rural municipal waste- industrial waste- electronic waste- hazardous and non-hazardous factory waste- agricultural waste- solid waste- electrical equipment waste- medical waste- construction work waste- airport waste- food waste- sanitation- petroleum waste- quarry waste- persistent organic pollutants- plastic- rubber- glass- paper.)


  • Integrated waste management system planning, health, environmental, economic, social, legislative and institutional considerations.
  • Integrated waste management system- environmental balance and carbon print.
  • Environmental monitoring and development strategies- Waste management system.
  • The environmental, health and economic returns of waste management and waste recycling.
  • Pioneering international, regional and Arab experiences in waste management.
  • Circular economy and establishing an incubating environment for waste recycling innovations.
  • Private sectors role in green investment.
  • International and regional funding institution role in supporting waste recycling programs.
  • Waste recycling strategic dimensions and green marketing support
  • Start-ups, green entrepreneurship and waste management system.
  • Incubators, accelerators and innovation programs roles in circular projects.
  • The role of women and youth in circular projects.
  • Environmental education, environmental media and the waste management system.
  • Artificial intelligence and innovation applications for waste management.
  • Digitalization and waste management systems.
  • Blockchain and waste management systems.
  • Smart sustainable green cities and integrated waste management.
  • Environmental governance and green economy.
  • Climate diplomacy and environmentally climate friendly sustainable development.
  • Networking and partnership between government organizations, civil society organizations, private sector, international organizations and donor entities to achieve environmental security and face climate changes.

Chairman of the Conference

Dr.Liz Goodwin

Honorary president of the conference

Chair LWARB (London Waste and Recycling Board)

MD.Sahadat Hossain,

Professor, Civil Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington, USA

Director, Solid Waste Institute for Sustainability (SWIS)

Prof.Zsolt Lengyel.

Chairman of the Conference

Chairman of the Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (IEECP)

Dr.Mona Fouad

The Founder & CEO of the Conference

Chairman WCECIE : World Center of Environmental Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship