About Me

 Dr.Mona Fouad

Chairman WCECIE :  World Center of Environmental Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Doctor of Philosophy in environmental sciences – the Institute of Environmental Studies and Research – Ain Shams University 2011. entitled mechanisms of partnership between civil society organizations and the government and the private sector to reduce environmental pollutants resulting from agricultural residues (burning rice straw) Field Study on the villages of the Western Province

Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University,

The Scientific Research:

-Future Vision for the transition toward a Green City in support of sustainable development issues, the first international conference on sustainable development in

-Toward a strategy for environmental planning in dealing with environmental problems in support of sustainable development issues, the Conference on the sustainable development of Arab economic security,

-The environmental impact of the oil industry in Saudi Arabia and the extent to bear its responsibilities toward the environment, a practical study on the Saudi Aramco company, environmental security

-The health and environmental effects of the negative effects of the application of nanotechnology in agriculture and food, a practical study -A forward-looking vision for the application of environmental sustainability to reduce the threats posed to local, regional, and global environmental ,

-The requirements of the partnership between community-based organizations to build a strategy does not usually recycling of solid waste,

-The effectiveness of the use of environmentally friendly technology in tanning Leather Is Eminent to improve environmental performance

Environmental output to deal with the remnants of the slaughter of the guidance is eminent contribution to the health security,

Integrated management of solid waste in industrial cities, the first Saudi conference for Environment,

Environmental impact assessment and evaluation of the social consequences of the establishment of a specific project, which contribute to social change, planned adaptation to environmental variables”.

Environmental Impact Assessment in the context of environmental management and sustainable.